The Sounds of Love
The soft sigh of wonder
The gasp of complete surprise
The sounds of your breathing at night, as you look into my eyes…
The tinkling laughter in the morning
The soft cry in the night
The beatings of your heart, as you realize that this feels just right…

The sounds of love are all around us; whether it’s the sigh of your significant other, or the sounds of your children playing. It’s the everyday sounds you hear, and the sounds that you yourself make. But there is one sound of love that will always stay with you. It’s the question on every couples mind. “What should our song be?”

Well that is a very good question. I’ve personally helped with a few weddings, and this is one
of the biggies that the brides I’ve worked with stress over. And you know what? It’s completely understandable. Have you ever searched for a love song online? You get well over 2 million choices!

So which one is right for us? Well it really depends. What are you going to use the song for? If you’re going to use if for your first dance (for those traditional brides), then I suggest something that has a good steady rhythm that’s easy to follow, and a romantic message to show how special that moment is for you two . A few good suggestions for this would be: I Swear by John Michael Montgomery, From This Moment On by Shania Twain and Brian White, I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden, The Rose by Betty Midler, and I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos.

If you were going to use it as an entrance song or something of that nature, then I would suggest a song that describes your relationship. Is your relationship silly and goofy? Or is it deep and romantic? Are you old fashioned and timeless? Or are you spontaneous and passionate? Choose a song that really describes you as a couple; if it’s a destination wedding, choose a song that relates to that. It’s a fun way to start the party. Personally I’ve heard everything from The Thong Song, to You Are My Sunshine. It really is up to you.

No matter what song you pick to be the one you and your significant other share for many years to come, the enchanting ambient sounds from wind chimes can always sprinkle an extra layer of magic on your day. Hand-crafted and fully customizable chimes to fit your day and song are a popular item available here at the Wedding Department no matter what type of theme. Let us help you share your special day with all your guests by allowing them to take a memory home with them. Remember, the sounds of chimes can be considered magical, so every time the chimes are caressed by the wind, and the sounds of twinkling is heard, the magic that shrouded your special day will be invoked again.

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