by Diana Mojica Valadez.

The Summer season is rapidly and inevitably coming to a close and its time to think about Welcoming fall with a theme wedding. Vacations will soon be memorialized in scrapbooks that will be looked through fondly during the harsh winter months as a reminder for what is to come next year. Soon, children will begin the new school year and adults will go back to work. But despite the element of somberness that lingers after Summer, weddings never cease to be planned; weddings and engagements occur year-round. And although the mainstream media makes a loud buzz about summer weddings, June brides, and summer themed favors– a Fall wedding coupled with gorgeous Autumn themed favors has a spark of its own unparalleled to a June wedding. An Autumn wedding is a magnificent way for engaged couples to create an inviting and intimate environment that juxtaposes the cold weather.

Inviting Colors
After the Summer, the weather will progressively get colder. Therefore, it is important to distract guests from the harsh coldness of the season–through colors. Colors have a profound effect on human emotions, therefore, it is important that Fall hues be used quiet extensively during the reception in order to create a positive and calming atmosphere. Fortunately, the Autumn color spectrum is comprised of warm colors ranging from yellow to maroon, which is relatively easy to create a soothing and welcoming environment.

Fragrant Favors
Although candles have often been utilized to set the mood at weddings; potpourri is a great way to set the mood and add a pleasant and soothing and lasting aroma to any event–especially a wedding. Potpourri can be placed inside clear bowls and used as small center pieces or can be handed out as favors in sachets. Here at the Wedding Department, a “how to” for potpourri sachets has been created for anyone that is interested in creating their own potpourri favor.

Sounds of Nature
If the celebration will be taking place in an open space, it’s a great idea to decorate by hanging Fall Leaf Wind chime favors. The beautiful sounds of the wind will add a soothing element and natural soundtrack to the reception. The chiming in the background will intrigue guests and will be pleasantly surprise to learn they also serve as favors.
The weather outside may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean a wedding has to resort to bland favors and boring colors. The fall season offers a variety of colors, fragrances and creative ideas that create a warm and soothing environment.

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