A writer asks “Why give wedding favors” at our wedding.

After some thought it seems that the biggest reason is that it’s come to be expected. This is not to say guests demand favors, but that giving favors has come to be a tradition.
In the past favors were more symbolic than useful or practical as in the case of giving almonds or showering the couple in rice.

Upon research one finds many explanations for the traditional giving of favors but many of these stories are simply myths or misconceptions reprinted. Which brings us back to what seems to be the main reason for giving wedding favors and that’s tradition.

An other reason for giving favors is to show appreciation for the guests attendance. It’s become fashionable to give a small token gift as a thank you for many occasions.

A relatively new phenomenon is the “save the date” gift. Today our lives are so full that some of us need an extra jolt to pay attention and so someone came up with the idea of the save the date gift. The save the date favor is sent out with the invitations and is offered as a little bribe to help the guest think about pre planing by sending the RSVP in a timely fashion.

Others wish to provide a keepsake of the wedding, which could explain why many couples opt for personalized wedding favors.

This also accounts for the explosion of the wedding favors industry and the proliferation of chintzy imported trinkets as well as well designed original and unique wedding favors.

What ever the reason for giving favors the question, is it mandatory to give them out, is often heard. One answer is “nothing is mandatory”. Its your party and you can plan however you please.

Sometimes money is an issue and brides are constrained to inexpensive, and more traditional offerings, such as almonds in tulle. There is nothing wrong with this approach nor should the bride be embarrassed.
The bottom line is its up to you.

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