Lavender Ribbon Decorated Favor Gift Box requires no tools other than a sharp pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and a piece of string.

First choose a ribbon.
This ribbon has wires inside which help to keep the shape of the bow. Most craft and sewing or fabric stores sell this kind of ribbon by the inch, foot or yard. The wider the ribbon the trickier the knot so get some different sizes to practice on.

Start by using a piece of string to estimate the length of ribbon needed for each box.
Wrap the string around the box and tie it roughly the size of the final bow and use the string to determine the length of the first piece of ribbon. Don’t cut all the ribbons until you have tied at least one bow and you are perfectly satisfied with the results.
Working with this type of ribbon can be a challenge so its a good idea to practice a few to make sure you can get it right.

Get Started

  • To tie the bow start with the favor box right site up in front of you.
  • Fold the ribbon in half to find the center and place the ribbon across the box with the center of the ribbon in the center of the box.
  • Grab the whole thing with both hands and flip the box up side down.
  • Bring the ribbon up the sides and bend it across to the center and make a half wrap so the ribbon forms a cross.
  • Flip the box again and bring the ribbon to the center of the box.
  • Carefully tie a single overhand knot in the center of the box.
  • Don’t wrap the knot around the bottom layer of ribbon because it will crunch the ribbon.
  • Next tie a single bow with the remaining ribbon and trim the ends to match and you are done !

Fluff the bow out and make sure you are satisfied with the results. Untie that first bow and use it as a length guide for the rest of the ribbons, allowing a bit extra as a fudge factor.

Once the bow is tied its best to not crush the bow but if you do just pull it back into shape with out untying.

Some people are better than others at this type of skill so if you find you are all thumbs ask a friend to try it.
An alternative to this method would be to wrap the ribbon around the box and tape it in place. Then hot glue a separate bow over the cross formed by the ribbon.

To store and transport them to the reception pack them in a cardboard box in alternating layers. Start with one full layer and inter space the next layer and so on to keep the bows from being crushed or simply use single layers in multiple boxes.

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