terra-cotta oriole feeder

orioles on feeder

Although the oriole feeders are typically orange, we can glaze them in any one of our available colors.

Retail price is $12.95, plus shipping and handling.

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The fruit feeder is designed with orioles in mind.
This feeder is about 2-3/4″ high and 4″ wide. It holds 1/2 an orange or grapefruit or 2/3 cup of jelly.

Its glazed inside with food safe glaze and has a band of orange around the outside rim.

There is a drain hole in the bottom so water can escape or you can use it for post mounting.

The drain hole can be omitted on request.

Keep in mind the orioles diet consists of other fruit, bugs and insects but they really seem to like a nice orange.

Hang the oriole feeder in the shade and you may attract butterflies too.

It’s OK to use the cheap or markdown oranges for bird feeding, just make sure they are not rotten or moldy.

Don’t be afraid to use a grapefruit or other citrus.

We have found the best way to attract and keep orioles around is to get the feeders out early, before the orioles pass though during their spring migration north.

Try putting a few feeders in several spots and if you can enlist your neighbors to do the same that’s all the better.
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